Saturday, June 29, 2013

Facebook Account Hack Tool v3.6 Free Download

Facebook Account Hack | Facebook Password Hack

This working and up-to-date free online password and facebook account hack is easy to use and reliable. All you have to do is get the profile URL of the account you want to hack and paste it in the software, it will automatically crack the password by using some sophisticated algorithms that is exploited when facebook performed the latest maintenance.


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What is Facebook Account Hack?
This is a tool that you can use to hack your friends to pull some prank or you can also use it to hack your enemies and take revenge on them. You can also use this to spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend if you are in doubt of her/his loyalty to you. To put it simple, this software can crack the email and password of the account you want to hack by just copying their profile url and pasting it in the software.

How the hack is created?
The developers that made this hack spotted a flaw on facebook's flow of system that made this hack possible to be created. The creators made an algorithm that can surpass the security and be totally undetectable and reliable.

How to use the hack?
All you have to do is download the FB account hack below then open it and wait for the loading screen to finish (loading time may vary on you computer specification), now copy the profile url of the account you want to hack (doesn't matter if you are friends or not with that account) then paste it in the textbox of the software and wait 2-3 minutes while the software is performing the hack. After process the log in details of the account you hacked will be fetched and shown to you.

Totally undetetable

Realtime Password Hack

Hacking Process will only take about 2-3 minutes

Private profile Viewer (Extra Feature)

Updates every week

Easy to use and Virus Clean!

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